Travel Assistance

Travelling to ISA-related events, for many scholars, can be a difficult financial burden. STAIR is committed to assisting scholars in this work – and so expanding our community beyond its usual reaches – in any way we can.

If you are applying for a travel grant to the annual ISA conference please do email us directly at shortly before or after your application, and we will endeavour to help you receive funding.

In addition, we are establishing a ‘travel sharing’ platform in which individuals can share the cost of travel expenses amongst a group. If you have rented accommodation with extra space available and/or are looking for accommodation, and do not mind sharing, please visit our portal and complete the requested details on the form. We will then share this information on this page and through our social media channels in order to assist you in finding a group of people to share your accommodation expenses with. We encourage you to be vigilant in this process and to share accommodation only with those with whom you can establish an identity (by sharing ID documents, for example).

The form for entering your details in search of travel cost sharing is available here. Once you have completed the form, STAIR will seek to bring suited individuals into contact with each other. Please endeavour to use this facility at least 4 weeks prior to your travel plans at the very latest. If you do not hear from us 2 weeks after your submission, please contact us for an update.