An updated list of syllabi for courses focusing on issues related to STAIR, targeted specifically at students of International Relations, Political Science, International Political Sociology and/or related ‘international’ disciplines, will be listed here. Please feel free to send syllabi to to be added to this list for the benefit of scholars working within STAIR.

For further materials, see also our collection of STAIR-relevant lectures.

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3. Course Syllabi

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American Science: Ethical Conflicts and Political Choices
Brendan Foley

Anthropology of Things
Patricia Spyer

Art and International Relations [French]
Frédéric Ramel

Art, Craft, Science
Heather Paxson

David Jones

Biomedicine and ‘Life’: Global Perspectives
Aditya Bharadwaj

Cartographie de controverses
Bruno Labour

Cold War Science
David Kaiser

Cyrptowars Redux: Negotiating Security and Privacy in the Digital Realm
Niranjan Sivakumar

Andrew Murray

Cyborg Anthropology and Social Science Fictions
Diane Nelson

Drugs, Politics, and Culture
Hugh Guterson

DV Lab: Documenting Science Through Video and New Media
Christine Walley

Finance and Society
William Deringer

Genetics and Society
Brian Balmer

Global Hunger
Sciences Po

Globalization, Technology & Justice
Torin Monahan

Historical Geography of Urbanization
Derek Gregory

Making the Modern World: The Industrial Revolution in Global Perspective
Merritt Roe Smith

Mapping Controversies: Counting the Dead
Thomas Tarry

Music and Sound in STS
Trevor Pinch

Music, Politics and International Relations
John Andersen

Risk and Society
E. Rosa

Scientific Humanities
Bruno Labour

Screening the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Competing Narratives through Cinematic Representations
Riccardo Bocco

Social and Political Implications of Technology
Prof. David Mindell & Prof. Merritt Roe Smith

Social Study of Science and Technology
Stefan Helmreich

Surveillance and Society
Torin Monahan

Technological Change & Social Justice
Torin Monahan

Technology and Gender in American History
Deborah Fitzgerald

Technology and the Literary Imagination
Leo Marx

Theory and Practice in Human Geography
Derek Gregory