Key STS Thinkers

Annemarie Mol:

Feeling, wording, eating. On cultivating bodies
What Methods Do
‘Where is my body’: Notes on Eating and Topology

Andrew Pickering:

Being in an Environment
Sketches of Another Future

Bruno Latour:

Karen Barad:


Other Lectures

Michele Acuto
Can cities and citizens change the world?

Jane Bennett
Artistry and Agency in a World of Vibrant Matter

Didier Bigo
Security, Surveillance, and Democracy
GPS Security

Wiebe Bijker
Constructing Worlds: Reflections on Science, Technology and Democracy

Roland Bleiker
Visual Global Politics

Harry Collins
From SSK to Post-Truth: A personal reminiscence

James Der Derian
The Internet: Power and Governance in a Digitised World

Graham Harman
Heidegger and the Arts

John Law
Othering TEK: fish and science in Sápmi

Knut Sørensen
Technology in use. Going beyond design and innovation

Shiv Visvanathan
Reinventing Democracy

Alexander Wendt
Quantum Mind and Social Science

Rosalind Williams
STS as Romantic Quest

Slavoj Zizek
Architecture and Aesthetics

Other Lecture Collections

Experimental Approaches to Art and Politics (Sciences Po) Lectures

Maastrict University MUSTS Lectures

University of Queensland Visual Politics Seminar Series