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Call for Nominations | Distinguished Scholar Award 2021 – EXTENDED DEADLINE !

We are extending the deadline for the 2021 STAIR Distinguished Scholar Award, until June 24, 2020. It goes without saying that this has been a difficult time for many, and we certainly appreciate the extra labor that it can take to put together notation for an award. That said, it is an important duty of the section to issue this annual award. With this in mind, we urge members to consider making a nomination. The Science, Technology and Art in International Relations (STAIR) Section of the International Studies Association is seeking nominations for the 2021 Distinguished Scholar Award.

The STAIR Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes senior scholars whose work has made an enduring and ground-breaking contribution to the study of science, technology, and art, in the fields of International Relations and International Political Economy. Nominees for the award will be innovative scholars who have developed new methods, or whose work has fostered new theoretical momentum, at the interface between IR, IPE, and Science, Technology and Art Studies. Due to the uniquely interdisciplinary nature of the STAIR section, nominations will be encouraged especially on behalf of scholars who have, in the course of their careers, produced impactful work at the boundaries of these diverse areas of specialization. They may also be those who have made an outstanding impact in terms of service in these areas, through mentoring, promoting diversity, or in other capacities, such as activism or public engagement. Nominees should either be, or be willing to become, members of the International Studies Association. The winner will be recognized at the ISA Annual Convention in Las Vegas 2021.

Nominations may come from any member of the STAIR Section. Nominations (including self-nominations) must include the nominee’s current C.V. and a letter (no more than 1 page), describing the nominee’s contribution to the study of Science, Technology and Art, in International Relations and/or International Political Economy. The nomination should be sent to Nicholas Kiersey, at, with subject heading “Distinguished Scholar Nomination”.

The recipient of the award will be determined by a committee composed of the Executive Committee of the STAIR Section and an appointed external member. The awardee should be able to travel to the Annual Convention, and attend the STAIR reception. A roundtable featuring the awardee will precede the STAIR reception at the convention.

Call for Panel Proposals | ISA, Las Vegas 2021

The Science, Technology and Art in International Relations (STAIR) Section of the International Studies Association is seeking proposals for papers, roundtables and panels for ISA’s 2021 Convention, in Las Vegas (April 7-10, 2021). The official call for proposals is now available online and the deadline for submissions is June 1st. You will find additional information about the call for ISA 2021, here.

The success of STAIR as a section depends partly on the number of paper, panel, and roundtable submissions we receive each year. The more submissions we receive, the more we can accept, and the more we can advance the study of science, technology, and art across the discipline. So, please do consider adding us as your first or second section choice when making submissions.

The theme for this year is “Globalization, Regionalism and Nationalism: Contending Forces in World Politics.” This in mind, we would be more than happy to receive some STAIR panels that would specifically address this theme. Here are some examples of possible sub-themes and questions for exploration:

  • Globalization and technological change in social and economic development
  • The role of technological change in nationalism (print capitalism, etc.)
  • Pop cultural representations of globalization, nation, and region, focusing especially on the valences of science, technology, and art
  • Globalized affect and collective joys: the role of technologies past, present and future
  • Apocalypse or utopia? The Anthropocene meets Globalized Fully Automated Green Luxury Gay Space Communism
  • The birth of the digital pale? Regional geographies and territorializations, in the age of digital discipline, control, and spectacle
  • The Global Whistleblower: Militarization and security technologies in a globalized ‘wiki’ age
  • With or against globalization? Radical technologies and the question of contemporary emancipatory strategy
  • We would also welcome explorations of discourse, power and aesthetics as they pertain to ongoing trends in technological development, visual/material perspectives, arts, photography, etc., and IR (perhaps both as politics/practice, and discipline), especially as they connect with the 2021 Conference themes.

We would kindly ask those submitting panel proposals to give due reflection to gender and geographical diversity. We will also be looking to co-sponsor panels with other sections, to maximize our presence at the Convention.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Chair directly, at

Call for Nominations | Best Book & Paper Awards 2021

We are now looking for nominations for the best book and best paper awards, all of which will be given at the STAIR reception at the ISA convention in Las Vegas next year.

Nominations are due by September 20th, 2020.

For details on nomination procedures, please visit the following links:

1) for the Best Paper Award;

2) for the Book Award.

These awards are critical recognition of scholarly achievement and bears witness to the vitality of our community in advancing innovative research agendas on the intersections between international relations and the politics of science, technology and art. Please consider contributing to our shared effort to advocate for meaningful research, leadership and success in this area.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or queries, send us an email at or to