The Science, Technology, and Art in IR (STAIR) section of the International Studies Association (ISA) recognizes that science, technology, and art are at the core of global politics. They shape much of the everyday reality of international security, statecraft, development, design of critical global infrastructures, approaches to social justice, and the practices of global governance. Science, technology and art (i.e., in the form of creativity, the arts, architecture and design) permeate international affairs in the form of material elements and networks, technical instruments, systems of knowledge and scientific practices. Yet, they also challenge existing conceptual approaches and prompt us to step beyond IR canons to seek inter-disciplinary collaborations.

STAIR seeks to generate the space for international Relations (IR) as a discipline and field to engage these matters through productive intellectual research conversations with existing subsections as well as other disciplines. Our intention is that this will facilitate theoretical understandings of how we go about creating, assessing, and deliberating scientific, technological and artistic design and their impact on the shifts of contemporary world order. To use a methodological metaphor, if science, technology and art are held constant in most IR models, STAIR aims to make them variable!

About this website

This website serves as the online platform for STAIR. It is an ongoing project intended to act as a central repository for section related news, documents, and other affairs, as well as a regularly updated resource centre bringing together trans-disciplinary research, news, and empirical material. The website is made up of the following elements:

These elements will be continuously updated as this site evolves. We envisage including a series of podcasts/interviews with leading scholars both within and outside IR who work in this field, as well as related initiatives. If you have any ideas in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us.