Call for paper proposals: Bio/Informatics – The Intersection of Life and Code in Global Health Security

Call for paper proposals: Bio/Informatics – The Intersection of Life and Code in Global Health Security (Co-organizers: Rebecca Hester, Eva Hilberg and Christopher Long)

This panel seeks to explore the relationships between bio/informatics, charting the increasing interconnection between the biological and the informational within diverse areas of global health, especially in the evolving field of global health security. This interconnection not only opens up new areas of health management and new fields of security, but is also a site of tensions emerging in the process of the informationalization of biological life. Possible themes to be explored include how the idea of “life as code” impacts the practices, infrastructures, and imperatives of global health and vice versa. What forms of informationalized life are perceived as threatening to global health and how are these emergent bio/informationalized life forms being dealt with? In what ways are security imperatives being re-shaped in relation to bio/informationalized life and how, in turn, are bodies and biological systems being transformed by the understanding of life is code? And, more broadly, what are the wider ramifications of the informationalization of biological life for the priorities of global health, specifically through the promotion of the quantification of life and an increasing digitalisation of health interventions?

We are hoping to receive papers from diverse and creative perspectives including mental health, non-human studies, cyborg studies, molecular politics, warfighter health, and others. For more information or to submit a paper proposal, please contact Rebecca Hester with a short abstract by the 29th of May (